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How long have you been working at 93Q? I started part time in 1997 (I was 16), and have been full time on 93Q since I was a senior in high school (Liverpool – class of 2000). I did the night show from September of 1999 until June of 2006, and I was then promoted to Assistant Program Director/Music Director and to the afternoon shift. On September 1st, 2022 I was promoted again, this time to Program Director and Digital Content Producer.

When are you on the air? Monday-Friday 3-7pm, and Saturday 1-5pm. But I am here all day.

What does Program Director mean? I’m in charge of all things programming wise. From music and shows to commercials and on air personalities. Scheduling/adding all the music you hear on 93Q, working with record labels, listening to new music daily, keeping track of charts, sales, etc. I’m in charge of all aspects of 93Q….programming, execution, behind the scenes. A lot goes into running a radio station daily, and it’s my job to make sure things run smoothly 24/7.

With things changing constantly in radio and audio in general, do you have any new responsibilities? Yes, I’m also 93Q’s Digital Content Producer. I manage this website (93Q.com) and all of our social media channels. I also do web work for all of our stations in our cluster as well as help out with social media. Plus I have been trained in other areas so we have more than one person who can help out if needed. Like production, continuity, etc.

Do you ever have any other jobs besides working at 93Q? Actually, yes. I’m working at Le Moyne College as the faculty advisor for their campus radio station – WLMU. You can hear it on the Live365 app or online. I also teach a radio practicum course there. As of late 2021, I am an IAABO certified basketball official (IAABO does all boys Section 3 games in CNY, also youth games, men’s rec, etc). I also run all the basketball leagues for Syracuse Sports Association.

Do you have kids? I have two kids, a girl and a boy. Kylie is 15 and Caden is 10. Kylie loves horseback riding, animals, basketball, watching TikTok, singing, and more. Caden loves Fortnite, anything electronic that he can use or build, loves to help out his friends, and is growing taller every day!

Do you have brothers/sisters? Yes, I actually have 7 siblings. My sister Kari just moved to Morocco, Keli lives in Long Island, Nikki lives in Australia, Zack, Nathan & Emily live in Canada, and my brother Joe lives locally. I miss all of them terribly! If you’re wondering, I’m the third oldest.

Are you married? Yes! My wife Katie and I have been married since November of 2006.

Where does she work? She works full time at Le Moyne College in the Registrar’s office. She also is on the Board Of Education for the Liverpool Central School District.

Do you have pets? Sure do! We have a rescue chug (chihuahua & pug) named Skye. We also have a kitten named Loki, who joined our family in July of 2022.

So since you’re a basketball fan, what is your favorite team? I’ve been following SU basketball my whole life but am also into Le Moyne basketball now as well. I’m more of a college guy than the NBA. 

What is your favorite food? Pepperoni pizza! Chicken parm! Chicken Riggies! Really anything pasta related!

How can people get in touch with you? Email me [email protected], call me 315-421-9393, or reach out via social media! The links are above!



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