WIN a Slumber Party Room!

Let’s meet our five finalists to WIN a room to Amy’s Slumber Party!

Finalist Number One: Sarah Torzon of Mattydale

I am 31 years old. I have never ever ever had a girl’s day out yet alone! Having a four year old and two year old, I never get time to myself. There is not one day that I have had without being with my children. I am not even sure if I know how to have fun or what fun even is. Sad to say, I love my kids and wouldn’t change it for the world. However, when you can’t even use the restroom without a kid breastfeeding or even simply take a shower, without a kid jumping in, this mama needs some time away. If I won I would hope to be able to take my Mom or my sister. My sister especially she has had a long two years and needs a break.

Finalist Number Two: Erin Sabatini of Oswego

I am asking to win this contest for myself and my co-workers. See – we are your superheroes, we are teachers! We are tired, burnt out, stressed, but our students wouldn’t know it because WE ARE TEACHERS and kids count on us every single day! We would love some down time and spend the night with your slumber party! We are very bonded as co-workers because we go through a lot in a day and thank God I have these girls to lean on! So I would love to surprise them with this contest so pick us, your superhero teachers!

Finalist Number Three: Betsy Ottenschot of Moravia

Every year the announcement for the Slumber Party gets me and my mother so excited. We always say this is the year we’re going to go. I remember I waited years to even be old enough and when I finally turned 21, I was determined it would be the year. Sadly I was in a rigorous nursing program for my LPN and it was not able to get the time off. Then pregnancy, then Covid, then wedding, and back to school! 10 or more years have gone by and we haven’t gone yet. I graduate this April and I told her next year no excuses. All she said was before she dies we must go. Thank goodness we have lots of time together – drama queen! My mother is my best friend and role model and we love making memories together from traveling all over to amazing events together.

Finalist Number Four: Al Froelick of Canastota

I think when I say that we are MOMS, everyone understands what a fun night away means! But beyond that- my best friend is getting married this year and it would be the best gift ever to be able to come! It’s been something she’s been looking forward to since she was little! Please choose us!

Finalist Number Five: Tammy Kunai of Pennellville

My 3 friends and I have been friends since Jr High. We all now have kids, full time jobs and super busy lives. Every time we try to make plans it’s becomes a scheduling nightmare. By winning a room, we would have something set in stone to get together and enjoy time together. I know it’s a super simple reason but we need this night away more than you ever imagine. Please pick us!!!


CONGRATULATIONS to the high vote getter Erin Sabatini of Oswego! Erin wins the room for 4 at this year’s Amy’s Slumber Party!

The four runners up will receive a $50 gift card to Clinton Street Pub/ Cicero Eatery.

And, don’t forget, there are still plenty of chances to WIN a room for four ladies to Amy’s Slumber Party at our upcoming 93 minute ticket stops!

Good luck and we hope to see you at Amy’s Slumber Party 2024!

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