Amy’s Slumber Party 2024 | FAQ

Amy’s Slumber Party Frequently Asked Questions!  2024 (FAQs!!)

Check in time is 4 pm Saturday February 24th.

Check Out Time 11 am Sunday, February 25th.

This is going to be such a great year but we have a full hotel (YAY!!) so please carpool, or even better, get dropped off. The Doubletree has a lot of parking spaces, but if all four of you drive, latecomers will not be able to find a spot.  Only one per room has to check in at the front desk for the four of you. Then she can go to the registration table to get the Nightshirts and Waivers. 

For VIPS, you will have a special table to check in and everything will be provided right there.

You can bring food and alcohol (within reason) to your room.  There will be alcohol for sale there, both at their main bar, and at the one in the ballroom.  The restaurant will also be open, both for dinner after you check in, and breakfast the next morning.  You will NOT be able to bring your own drinks down to the ballroom – you will be stopped due to liability reasons – so it’s just better to bring some money with you to buy drinks in the “common areas” and leave your own alcohol in the rooms.  Our sponsors and the Doubletree will be offering some great specials on drinks, so please support them! 

Speaking of money, you don’t have to spend anything extra unless you want to.  There are a number of different vendors and services (see vendor and services page) and we try to list as many of the prices as we can.  Plan for buying drinks, doing some shopping, and taking advantage of any services and that’s how much extra you should bring. Most of them will take cash, debit and credit cards but there may be some exceptions so you may want to plan ahead.  There is an ATM in the Doubletree Lobby.

If you just want to dance the night away and not spend anything extra, you don’t have to, it’s all up to you.  A late night pizza will be provided for every room. (you’ll receive a specific window of pick up time)  There will be coffee and pastries the next morning provided by the Doubletree between 8 and 10 am.

You will be registering for the services as of 4 pm in the Champlain room. This is for services only!  If you’re not there by 4, don’t panic as the registration goes until 7 pm. Even if you didn’t preregister for services, a lot of times openings happen throughout the night, so make sure you check back during the evening to also sign up.  All booths open at 6. Booths will be open until midnight, although there are some exceptions.  Returning by popular demand this year to the Grand Ballroom is our All Night Dance Party (well at least until 1 am!) with DJs Rick Roberts and Joey Walker and Drummer Taylor Porter.  The Dance Party gets underway at 7 pm!

Karaoke is going on from 9 – 1 in the Champlain Room.

The nightshirts are neon pink with neon green and white lettering. They are all one size – 3X so one size fits all.

We do not REQUIRE but ENCOURAGE you to wear the nightshirts that are provided. (about 98% of the women do!)  We will be holding our annual Nightshirt contest for those who decorate or pick a crazy theme – (they have to include our nightshirts to be eligible!) Feel free to bring some markers, beads, feathers, scissors, whatever you’d like and go crazy.  You will receive your nightshirts when you check in, so please make sure you bring your supplies to make it happen.

IMPORTANT: If your group wants to take part in the nightshirt contest, please come down to register between 6:30 and 8:30 pm at the 93Q table in the lobby.  You will be notified if you are a finalist to come back for the contest in the grand ballroom beginning at 10:30. 

Your nightshirt does not have a pocket, but once again, we’ll be providing lanyards so that you can put your money and key around your neck!  (your cell phone might be pushing it) Most ladies choose to wear something with them – pajama bottoms, sweatpants, jeans, or leggings.  We want you to be comfortable and have the best night ever! 

Trash bags will be provided for each room but feel free to bring extras.  It will really help housekeeping if you try to pick up all the trash before you head out in the morning. (and they work hard – they would love a tip as well!)

We try to answer everything that you need but if you still have questions email [email protected].  So excited for our 21st anniversary celebration!


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