Amy’s Slumber Party Vendors 2024

Acala Tattoo



Alivia’s Creations/Sweet AliviaLaLily/Amethyst Whispers

*Intuitive Reiki Masters and Readers providing miny sessions and reading.  Tarot Oracle and Runes, Dowsing & Energy Clearing. 

*Handmade and professionally procured jewelry, gemstones, herbal incense, oils, book, metaphysical supplies, and resin crafts

Amanda’s $5 Bling/Paparazzi

*Selling Paparazzi Jewelry $5

Ann’s Midnite Creations

*Selling specialized tumblers (resin, 3D, rhinestones, and sublimation)-tumblers on demand, wine glasses, keychains, straws, and other miscellaneous items

Art & Soul Designs

*Selling tumblers. Ready to sell.  Custom orders.

*Sublimations tumblers $15-$30.  Epoxy Tumblers $20-$50

Biographix Tattoo

*Tattooing $60 and up

Black Sea Tattoo & Piercing

*Body piercings and selling high quality jewelry $50-$60

Bliss Life


*Selling freeze dried candy:  regular, sour, and berry skittles, lemonheads, taffy flavors, strawberry, orange creamsicle, smores, and caramel apple $9 per bag

Camp Candle Bar

*Selling retail candles, home décor, and giftable items.  $15-$65

*Accepting reservation for upcoming DIY Candle Bar events at their store Armory Square.

Color Street

*Selling Color Street nail polish strips, lipstick, make up products $12-$32-Color Street nail polish strips are 100% real nail polish.  Free demonstrations.

Crouse Hospital

*Handing out health information for women

Cruise Planners

*Promoting cruise vacations & showcasing Royal Carribbean.  Door prize drawing.

Crystal Goddess Boutique

*Selling crystals, stones, metaphysical items, jewelry $15-$30

Developing with Devan

*Selling crystal infused bath sales, books “ What’s Your Worth?” and “I Don’t Mean Money”

DJT Craft Works

*Handmade wood charcuterie boards, wood wine trays, shot boards, laser engraved cutting boards, laser coasters, wood lanterns, cheese boards, 3D Prints $15-$70

Farley’s Fairy Hair

*Sparkly hair strand applications (fairy crowns/fairy wings

Farmstand 1868

*Lavender products produces at their farm in Cazenovia.  Bath bombs, body cream body oil, candles, soap, cook books, dried lavender, cards, towels, jam, room spray, maple syrup, milk bath, wood crafts, culinary lavender, lavender cocoa, satchels, scones, tea. Samples available to try.

Food Bank of CNY

*Promoting the Food Bank of CNY

Hand Crafted Fused Glass Jewelry by Jeff Friedman


*Selling handcrafted fused glass jewelry.  Each piece is made by cutting then layering and fusing different colors and textures of glass in a small kiln, resulting in each piece of jewelry having a unique and intricate design. Jewelry ranges from bold and colorful statement pieces to delicate and intricate earrings, pendants (necklaces) and rings.  Many pieces use dichroic glass, which reflects iridescence showing a rainbow of colors depending on the angle and lighting $5-$40

Healing Phase Massage

*Massage 10 min $15/20 min $25

Heartfelt Hands

*Reiki 15 min-Promote balance, relaxation, and healing in body, mind, and spirit with Hot Hands

*Body Contouring (face-neck-arms) -non -surgical procedure that sculpts and reshapes the body for more defined appearance.  It targets areas with excess fat, loose skin, and wrinkles. 


*Providing overview HOTWORX & 3D Training (heat, infrared energy & exercise) as well as the benefits.

*Register for free trial sessions

*Merchandise for sale

Jammin Beats DJ’s Karaoke

*Karaoke 9pm-1am in Champlain Room

Jawns Over


*Jawns Over will bring the Slumber Party ladies on a flavor tour of over 40 different countries with a plethora of wild & wacky international snacks & drinks available for purchase.  Along with a fun shopping experience

Jo’s Wisdom

*Oracle Card Readings 15 min. $35-a tool of self-reflection and guidance.  All readings start with a 3 card spread and build from there off of your own energy.  3rd year featured at Amy’s Slumber Party.  Sold out all 3 years.  Book in advance.  Free gift with each reading booked.

Just Made Candles and Goods

*Selling natural wax candles, wax melts, natural soaps, bath bombs, and custom handmade wood projects – max price $35

The Kandied Kernel Popcorn Shoppe


*Pre-packaged, sealed, hand size bags of gourmet popcorn and mini popcorn pizzas. $2-$8

Women owned and run brick and mortar store located in Cicero

K&C Ceramics

*Live painting on different ceramic pieces for you to take home in memory of Amy’s Slumber Party $15-$25

Lake Effect Stks

*Selling Custom Stickers


*Healthcare Information.  Interactive games with prizes. Raffle

Mary Kay Cosmetics

*Gift bags for all women.  Drawing to win virtual or in-person pampering makeover beauty sessions.  Samples.

Mother Nature’s Secret

*Handmade creations: butterfly suncatchers, wooden coasters with pressed flowers/butterfly wings/greens, wooden trays, window epoxy hangings, car mirror ornaments, moon goddess tree of life wreaths, jewelry, soy candles, mystery bags $5-$50

MRH Aesthetics


*Mini Hydrafacials $100, Dermaplane Express Facials $50

New Concept Medical Care

Dr. Laura Hamilton

*EMSELLSA Chair available for women to sit in.  Information on treatment packages


*Selling and demonstration Norwex cleaning products $10-$200

O’ Reilly’s Boutique

*Selling boutique style clothing, accessories, and home goods

Oswego County Boces/Citi Boces-Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation

*Presenting programs offered at Citi Boces

Part of the Pack 607

*Selling pet and pet related products: dog toys, cat toys, journals, etc.  $10-$40 Pet Sitting service information

Psychic Readings by Sandra, Sarina, and Patsy

*Psychic Readings

Pure Romance by Brittany Caprilozzi

*Selling women’s bath/beauty products, lingerie, and sexual health products.

RavenHuff Acres

*Selling 3D printed products.

Rescue Mission

*50/50 raffles

Riches Apiary

*Selling local honey, honey sticks, beeswax candles, cream honey, honey roasted nuts & seeds

Salt and Sun spa


*Spray Tan $25, Express Facial $30, Back Facial w/ Massage $50

Sarah’s Healing Touch


*Rubs or Reflexology 15 min $20/30 min $40, raffles, prize giveaways

Scentsational Scents & Soaps

*Selling organic sugar scrubs, face masks, 3D bath bombs, foot scrubs, lip scrubs, hand made soap and spa products $5-$12

SeaKissed Blends

*Body butters, sea moss $7-$15


*Amy’s Slumber Party Game to win a room at 2025 Slumber Party. Prize Wheel.  Information on services provided at Silver Dox Adult Day Centers. 

Soul Shine Designs LLC 


*Inspiration Henna Artist, painter, light language

Stabby Tabby Body Piercing

*Ear Piercing $100, Nostril $70, Helix $70

Stewart Shops

*Will be sampling ice cream in the lobby 5-8pm

Stranded Permanent Jewelry LLC

www.facebook/Strandedpermanentjewelry IG: comegetstranded

*Gold & Gold filled chains.  Pick your chain for a necklace, bracelet, or anklet.  Will weld together on site-no clasp. $40-$150

Tastefully Simple

*Selling Tastefully Simple products, free samples, free drawing for basket

Products include spices, mixes, sauces, totes $12-$70

The Cosmetic Queens

$93 lip flip/gummy smile treatment value $200.

$93 off 1 or more syringes at event.

$93 gift card to with purchase over $900.

Complimentary bridal beauty prescription.

The Cosmetic Queens your #1 place for advanced injectables and cosmetic dermatology. Come see the experts with over 20 years combined experience.

We pride ourselves on customizable, quality care while making you feel like family.


The Scented Mama

Independnt Scentcy Consultant

*Cash and carry products-Wax warmers, car fragrance , home fragrance fans, Scentsy pods, fragrance flower $3-$125

Therapeutic Healing by Jen, LLC

www.facebook/therapeuticHealingByJen, LLC

*Reiki-$20-10 minutes sessions (Sound and Reiki)

ThugBusters NY, LLC

Christina Williams

*Product and safety information-stun guns (aka tasers)

Touch of Boudoir/Bright Shot Studios

*Selling Boudoir photograph experiences.  Adventure Challenge books, Raffle Basket

Well Drip

* Well Drip, LLC will be offering three IV hydration infusions at the event: one is a “basic hydration drip known as the Myer’s Cocktail (good for basic ailments such as decreased energy/fatigue, mental clarity, stress). The second will be the “hangover drip”(which includes Zofran for nausea and Toradol for headaches), and the third is our “just thirsty” drip which is the base fluid (Lactated Ringers) with no additional vitamins/medication. We will also offer vitamin injections (shot). The injections being offered at the event are TBD (will most likely be B12, Vitamin D, and an immunity shot).

Hangover Drip (60 minutes) – originally $200 but will be offered at $185 for event only. Helpful in reducing the side effects of too much to drink (headache, nausea, brain fog).

Myer’s Cocktail (45 minutes) – originally $185 but will be offered at $170 for event only. Good for treating basic ailments such as low energy levels, stress, poor sleep, decreased mental clarity, etc.

Just Thirsty (45 minutes) – originally $100 but will be offered at $93 for event only. Good if your hydration/nutrition is normally top-tier but you just need a little extra hydration to help feel your best.

B-12 Injection (5 minutes) – originally $30 but will be offered at $25 for event only. Helps improve overall energy levels, mood, cognitive function, and heart health.

Vitamin D (5 minutes) – originally $45 but will be offered at $40 for event only. Helps build and maintain healthy bones and helps reduce symptoms of depression.

Immunity Shot (5 minutes) – originally $35 but will be offered at $30 for event only. Maintains/enables a healthy immune response to lower risk of illness.

Why Not? Bracelets & More/Happy Henna

[email protected]

*Jewerly $5-$25, Paracord items $10-$30, Henna/Jagua Tattoos $10-$40


Ted & Amy On-Demand

Concert Calendar