Where in CNY Are Ted & Amy? | CLUES & LOCATIONS

Monday, November 6th

Clue 1 – Up on a hill the breeze will blow. Don’t forget to see them grow.

Clue 2 – It’s been said that they will make you smile. It won’t take long if you walk the mile.

Clue 3 – Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My. Figure out this clue and a prize you will find

Location: Rosamond Gifford Zoo (guessed on clue 3)

Tuesday, November 7th

Clue 1 – It’s Election Day so let’s set the bar! A President’s name will let you go far.

Clue 2 – If water is your game it’s the place to be. But look, don’t touch or trouble you’ll see.

Clue 3 – Winter fun is all it takes. To grab your mittens and your skates!

Location: Clinton Square Syracuse (guessed on clue 2)

Wednesday, November 8th

Clue 1 – It can get mighty chilly walking across campus. That lake wind will make you take quicker chances.

Clue 2 – Look out that dorm window and check out the sky. The sunsets alone will make you see why.

Clue 3 – The Lakers are Great – they’ll make you proud. Maybe a stop at Rudy’s is allowed.

Location: SUNY Oswego (guessed on clue 1)

Thursday, November 9th

Clue 1 – Stay outside to find this clue. And if you’re close you’ll see water too.

Clue 2 – Lots of quirks we have in this town. But this one is sure to make the rounds.

Clue 3 – Duck duck goose they say brings luck. But it won’t work if you’re a truck.

Location: Onondaga Lake Parkway Bridge (guessed on clue 3)

Friday, November 10th

Clue 1 – This building is many decades old. The stories echo representing the bold.

Clue 2 – Gratefulness is what inspires the masses. As we walk these halls and see the branches.

Clue 3 – Freedom is ours, the flag flies high. We thank their bravery and salute the sky.

Location: The Onondaga County War Memorial (in honor of Veterans Day) (guessed on clue 3)

Monday, November 13th

Clue 1 – The water’s edge is filled with sand. And down the block, a kid’s playland.

Clue 2 – For generations they’ve come to play. Now a casino is just minutes away.

Clue 3 – Main Street has an Eddie’s vibe. For BBQ and great cream pies

Location: Sylvan Beach (guessed on clue 2)

Tuesday, November 14th

Clue 1 -Hop on over, don’t bottle it up. Figure out this clue and you’ll have luck.

Clue 2 -What is that smell the locals say. It smells like grass and wood and hay.

Clue 3 -To get a head it takes some skill. A little foam is worth the spill.

Location: Budweiser Brewery in Baldwinsville (guessed on clue 1)

Wednesday, November 15th

A toast to you my good friend said. Play your cards right, you might make some bread.

Rise bright and early the way to go. Because then you have time to make the dough.

He may have sailed the ocean blue. But flour and water make more than glue.

Location: Columbus Bakery (guessed on clue 2)

Thursday, November 16th

Clue 1 – People come from far and wide. Join the audience and enjoy the ride.

Clue 2 – It’s been said when the mood’s just right. A ghost will wander through the night.

Clue 3 – Salina Street is the place to go. To come to a concert or see a show.

Location: The Landmark Theatre (guessed on clue 3)

Friday, November 19th

Clue 1 – Cortland is the place to be. Our neighbors to the south are fine to see.

Clue 2 – Yesterday the summer breeze did blow. But soon will come the winter snow.

Clue 3 – Don’t break a bone or get a chill. It’s better down the Bunny Hill.

Location: Greek Peek (guessed on clue 2)

Monday, November 20th

Clue 1 – An owl hoots, the trees do tower. It’s nature at its finest hour.

Clue 2 – They gathered sticks while they swam. While many help, others don’t give a damn.

Clue 3 – Let’s walk the trails or canoe. The peaceful sight takes away your blues.

Location: Beaver Lake Nature Center (guessed on clue 2)

Tuesday, November 21st

Clue 1 – It’s filled with air but will not pop. For the Syracuse Skyline, it’s like the cherry on top.

Clue 2 – Music, sports, name your poison. But walking up that hill might get you frozen.

Clue 3 – The name has changed but the energy’s still there. If you’re looking for a basket or touchdown, that’s where.

Location: JMA Wireless Dome (guessed on clue 1)

Wednesday, November 22nd

Clue 1 – You might be in, you might be out. In this location, they both come about.

Clue 2 – Catch me if you can I say. But if not, I’ll run all the way.

Clue 3 – We hear this is the best game around. Especially when there’s action at the mound.

Location: NBT Bank Stadium (guessed on clue 1)


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