93Q Monthly Makeover | CONTEST

Do you need of a change when it comes to your appearance?  Maybe you just started a new job? Or ended an old relationship?  Maybe you’ve reached the age where you want to try something new? 

Whatever the reason we want to hear about it!  

Just fill out a brief form, send us a photo and tell us why you would like to be the recipient of our monthly 93Q Makeover! 

The BRAND NEW SALON Blush Studios on West Division Street in Franklin Square is going to give you a free beauty consultation to determine what kind of makeover would be right for you – and then give you a free makeover!  Maybe a new haircut!  Highlights! Shaped brows and fun makeup!  The makeover will be geared toward what you are comfortable with and will still give you a whole new look!

Your BEFORE and AFTER look will be revealed on the air, and we’ll find out what Blush Studios did for you and how it makes you feel!

June Makeover – Brenda!

I just turned 55 on October 17th, and would love to get a makeover. I have four children and 5 grandchildren, and number 6 will be here this month!
My husband and I will be married 36 years on November 21st,and this would be an amazing anniversary gift, not only for me, but for my husband who always lets me know every day how beautiful he thinks I am.

Thank you for this opportunity.

May Makeover – Corinne!

I haven’t had a new look in quite some time and I’m willing to experiment on color and length.  I’m not really too confident in applying my own makeup so I’d love some help on that as well!


When it comes to hair and make up, I have no clue where to start. I work around kids all day then retail at night. My hair usually ends up on the top of my head. I’d love for someone to tell me what style and color would look good on me. I have a few big milestones coming up this year. My daughter is graduating 4th grade, my stepdaughter is getting married in June and I’m turning 40 in July!! I would love to look my best at these big events coming up.


I am craving a new look, a new “me”. I have two boys 8 and 3, which doesn’t give much time for pampering myself. I haven’t had a professional haircut or color in over 3 years. I wear my hair in a ponytail, because it looks really bad otherwise. It is very thin, stringy looking and brassy. I would like professional advice on what makeup to use and how to apply it. Help reinvent me! Thank you!


I just turned 55 and I’m a new grandma. I teach Kindergarten at Canastota Central Schools and the first thing I noticed when we got the school pictures back was that for the last 5 years (at least), mine all look the same, with the exception of the shirt I’m wearing. I am in desperate need of an upgrade. Having spent the last 28 years dedicating my world to my four amazing children, I’d like to take a minute for me. Winning this makeover would be amazing!


My name is Michael and I’m writing to nominate my mom for your makeover! I cannot recall the last time my mom got a haircut or treated herself to anything. Back in 2019 my beloved stepmother passed away, and left a huge void in our lives. Since then my mom took on raising my half brother as his mama was no longer with us. My mom has literally moved mountains to make sure my brother and I had all we needed. She puts herself last, always so I’m entering her in hopes she will come first this time. Funny enough, she unfortunately had to have major dental work and has been hiding in a mask since August. Today she will finally get her last step to her beautiful smile back. This would just be the cherry on top. Waiting 40 years to be able to smile without being teased. Thank you for considering this!!


I work from home and don’t use any kind of video chat, so I have no reason to really dress up or put on any makeup. It’s been that way since the pandemic started. I’m in a very slow process of ending a 20-year relationship. It’s complicated and exhausting. Over the last year I have lost 86 pounds so far. I’m really working at improving myself for my life going forward. I think a makeover would just be fun and make me feel good. I’m up for anything. Cut my hair. Color it purple. I am a blank canvas at this point, so anything goes.


My name is Carrie. I have Turners Syndrome and I never have had great self-esteem or confidence that I look pretty or beautiful. I do not feel beautiful most of the time. I had open heart surgery this past May 2023 and that really took a toll on me and my confidence as well.  I would love to look and feel beautiful!

Enter today and take the step to become the BEST YOU EVER!

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