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How would you like to brag about the high school student in your life? Is it something academically? Are they killing it in an extra cirricular? Or maybe they are just a good kid that helps a neighbor with their groceries!  We want to hear all the brags about your high school student so that we can feature them in our Student Spotlight of the Week sponsored by Alfred State College!

Fill out the brief questionnaire at the bottom of this page and tell us about your student and send us a picture!  They may be spotlighted by us in an upcoming week!

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Shaylin is a senior at CNS. She started Winterguard in 6th grade and started in the colorguard section with marching band in 7th grade. While participating in those activities, that require several days and hours of practice a week, she maintained excellent grades. Shaylin has been on the High Honor Roll every marking period since middle school. In junior high she was inducted into The National Junior Honor Society and once in high school she was inducted into The National Honor Society. While all this was going on, Shaylin started her first part time job at the age of 14. To this day she still has a part time job at Wegmans, continues in Marching Band (just finishing up her senior season) and will be starting her senior season of Winterguard soon. We are very proud of everything she is doing, how much she has accomplished and how she maintains excellent grades and work ethic. We love you Shaylin. Keep up the good work and you will go far!

Justin has overcome every one of lives challenges thrown at him….he strives every day to be kind and helpful in a hard world. We are so proud of Justin. His love for theatre has pushed him to perform in over 100 productions, and he has 1 movie credit. Justin volunteers for Onondaga historical association when he can. He hopes to continue theatre throughout college. Justin has inspired his parents and siblings to always be and do their best. While he doesn’t always like the recognition, Justin has persevered through Autism, and hearing loss, to name a few. He’s learned to enjoy life on his side of the spectrum and deserves to be celebrated!!! WAY TO GO JUS! Keep pushing forward.

Brandi has made us proud year after year between making high honor roll every year at her old schools to doing great in mighty milers and chorus and band and kicking butt on the football field in Fulton middle school and doing phenomenal with online 9th grade classes during covid as well as switching schools the same year. Now she’s not only graduating this year and doing track but she’s also helping at home and helping with her sister and working.. 2 days ago she bought her 1st car and she is so proud of herself but not as proud as we are.. Brandi Kay-Lynn we love you so much and are so beyond proud of you!!
Peyton is one of the hardest working kids I know! She is Varsity cheerleading Head Captain, she is the Wicked Witch in her school’s fall musical. Peyton also does Chamber Choir, is an officer for Drama Club, Band, and Choir. She is on the go from 5 am until 7pm every single weekday. She had perfect attendance last year & is on her way for her Senior year as well. All of this and her grades are amazing.
We are bragging about Hunter because he is a true miracle! You see he was in a near fatal car accident on 12/12/22. He spent many weeks in intensive care. He had multiple injuries that required major surgeries and weeks of therapy. Hunter required open heart surgery which left him with an artificial heart valve. His right leg at one point was paralyzed. He was also left with a traumatic brain injury. For months we weren’t sure what Hunter’s future would hold, there were times, especially in the beginning that we didn’t know if he’d have a future. Throughout all he went through, Hunter knew he wanted to get back to school, get back to his studies, get back to his job at the local grocery store and get back to running track and x-country. Well he has persevered and does all that and more. Now while he is no longer competing for first places in his sporting events, he is competing. He gives each meet 100% of himself each and every time. He knows he’s not going to be the first one across the finish line, but he never gives up. He is his teammates’ biggest cheerleader. He practices hard, competes with his whole heart, and is grateful to be alive. Hunter is a great friend to all, a respectful student, and the first one to offer help to others. Hunter will never let the scars his body now has diminish the smile on his face. He lives each day to the fullest and helps others live their best lives as well. I hope this gave you a tiny idea of why we feel it’s okay to brag on our miracle child.
Brielle is a ninth grader at Durgee Jr High School in Baldwinsville . She is a member of the Jr. National Honor Society. Her GPA from last year is 99.6. She also is a member of Durgee Student Council & the Yearbook Committee . She is a sweet, kind, and caring girl. This photo is when she spent her Saturday last spring planting trees at Green Lakes State Park. We are so proud of her and can’t wait to see what her future holds!
Alivia is an 9th grader at Cortland Junior Sr. High School and is one of the most well rounded people you’ll ever meet. She currently has a 98% average. She was accepted into the advanced placement courses for English, Social Studies and Art for this school year. She is an incredible artist who has had her work in a number of art shows including the Scholastic Art Show last year where her piece won a Silver Key. Alivia has also been playing the bass cello since she was in 4th grade and is currently learning how to play the violin, guitar and saxophone. She has played center for the modified boys football team and was a shot and discus thrower for the Varsity Track team last spring. She has also been an avid powerlifter in her off seasons where she currently deadlifts 300lbs. In her free time, she applies her artistic skills to doing make-up and theatrical-style face paint and playing with any dog or cat she can get her hands on.
We are proud of Randal for several reasons. From being on the high honor roll throughout middle school and high school, his dedication to playing violin in the high school symphony, to recently earning his Black Belt in karate with Legacy Martial Arts. We are happy to experience the young man he is becoming. A thoughtful friend, conscientious student, and a role model for peers and the younger students at the dojo. Most of all we are proud that he is our son. Sharing a silly sense of humor, listening to the same genre of music, and spending time together; whether it is family game night or playing a round of miniature golf; he adds joy and balance to our lives. We love him immensely.

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