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The Numbers Podcast!

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Top 5 Things You Thought Were Cool As A Kid, But Now That You’re An Adult, Are Not!
Top5 Top 5 Podcasts!
Top 5 Signs You’re Getting Old!
Top 5 Road Trip Snacks!
Top 5 Phone Apps!
Top 5 Things To Cook Out!
Top 5 CNY Roads!
Top 5 Good Looking Celebs of the SAME Gender!
Top 5 CNY Conundrums!
Top 5 Condiments!
Top 5 Places To Tell An Out-Of-Towner To Visit In Syracuse!
Top 5 Favorite Ethnic Dishes!
Top 5 Favorite Months!
Top 5 Worst TV Show Opening Credits!
Top 5 Salad Toppings!
Top 5 Memorable Celebrations/Parties!
Top 5 TV Couples!
Top 5 Memorable Super Bowl Performances!
Top 5 TV Sleuths!
Top 5 TV Spokes People!
Top 5 Movie Sequels!
Top 5 Kitchen Utensils/Tools/Appliances!
Top 5 TV Shows To Binge!
Top 5 TV Show Christmas Episodes!
Top 5 Christmas Cookies!
Top 5 Holiday Movies!
Top 5 WORST Holiday Songs!
Top 5 Thanksgiving Sides!
Top 5 Favorite Pies!
Top 5 Celebrities the Should Run For Office!
Top 5 Pizza Toppings!
Top 5 Favorite Halloween Candies!
Top 5 Scary Movies!
Top 5 Places To See A Ghost In CNY!
The Top 5 Things To Eat In A Bowl!
Top 5 TV Houses you WISH you could live in!
Top 5 Tailgating Must-Haves!
Top 5 Favorite Concerts!
Top 5 Favorite Grade School Grades!
Top 5 Favorite NYS Fair Places To Go!
Top 5 NYS Fair Foods!
Top 5 Cover Songs
Top 5 Memorable Vacations!
Top 5 Songs That Remind You Of Summer!
Top 5 Ice Cream Stands
Top 5 Hated Household Tasks
Top 5 Movies You WISH Had A Sequel!
Top 5 LEAST Favorite Places To Be!

Top 5 Breakfast Items!

Top 5 Vending Machine Snacks!
Top 5 TV Dads!
Top 5 CNY Restaurants for OUTDOOR Dining!
Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors!
Top 5 BBQ Side Dishes!
Top 5 Businesses We WISH Were In CNY!
Top 5 BEST Board Games EVER!
Top 5 Favorite TV Moms
Top 5 Favorite Smells
Top 5 Favorite TV Theme Songs
Top 5 WORST Easter Candies!
Top 5 Emergency Poops!
The Top 5 Stores We Wish Were Still Around In CNY!
The Top 5 BEST Game Shows Of ALL Time with special guest, Tom Mitchell, Operations Manager of 93Q Radio!
The Top 5 Favorite Snack Chips!
Top 5 Things we could NOT give up for Lent
Top 5 Cartoon Crushes
Top 5 Favorite Breakfast Cereals
Top 5 Inspirational Sports Movies
The Top 5 Foolish Purchases We’ve Ever Made
The Top 5 TV Shows We Watched With Our Parents
Top 5 Restaurants We Wish Were Still Around
Top 5 Celebrity Hall Passes
Top 5 80’s Sitcoms


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