[Trending Now 10-23-17] Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, Stranger Things, French President Dog Goes Viral

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It’s official!

Justin Timberlake will be performing at the Super Bowl Half Time Show this February! Check out his announcement with Jimmy Fallon:

Harry Styles was reportedly groped on stage by a fan during a concert Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl. In a video that has been shared to social media, it shows a fan reaching for Harry Styles’ crotch area after kneeling down in front of fans during a performance. Harry can be seen quickly pushing the hand away and moving away. The violation did not disrupt his performance, but fans are taking to social media in disgust over what happened.

It’s almost here!!! Stranger Things season 2 premieres this Friday on Netflix. Can’t wait to see if they end up back in the Upside Down!

Finally… French President Emmanual Macron was in an important meeting over the weekend that was televised. In a new viral video, you can see his dog, Nemo, enter into the frame and proceed to urinate on a very fancy fireplace! The lighthearted moment was all captured on video:


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