Honor Flight Syracuse Interviews & CNY Veterans Parade & Expo Photo Gallery

See photos from the 2019 Veterans Parade here


Amy Robbins and Rick Roberts were able to accompany some 80 veterans and their caregivers on Honor Flight Syracuse Mission 14 back on September 28th 2019. Honor Flight Syracuse serves ten counties in the greater Central New York area by flying our local veterans to Washington DC to see the memorials honoring those who served our nation. 
Each day this week, we will be featuring a veteran who had a chance to talk with Amy about their experience in the military, as well as how much Honor Flight means to them. 

Friday 11/8:
Honor Flight Vietnam War Veteran Michael “Mick” Henson with his three brothers Hank, Jim and Paul who are Korean War Veterans

Thursday 11/7:
Honor Flight Vietnam War Veteran Richard Madden with his wife Donna and son Sean

Wednesday 11/6:
Honor Flight Cold War and Korean War Veteran Mervyn “Bud” Roberts and his daughter Sarah

Tuesday 11/5:
Honor Flight Cold War Veteran Anne Stene

Monday 11/4:
WW II vet Joseph Makowiec and his son Jim

Venue: NYS Fairgrounds
581 State Fair Blvd
Syracuse, NY 13209
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