[WATCH] Someone made the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ intro to the style of ‘The Office’ & more

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MAY 30: (L-R) Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy and Catherine O’Hara arrive at the FYC Screening of Pop TV’s “Schitt’s Creek” at the Saban Media Center on May 30, 2019 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

What if the Schitt’s Creek intro was made like ‘The Office,’ ‘Friends,’ or ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine?’ Someone made it happen and it’s pretty amazing!

The show, which wrapped up earlier this month, has been a hit show for the last six years featuring the Rose’s — a formerly filthy-rich family who loses everything and must move to a small town they purchased as a joke.

The different intros were made by Calum Shanlin, a former producer on the show who spent the last couple weeks making them and posting to Twitter.



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