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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our very popular Five Dates in Five Days is back!  This year’s eligible bachelor is 59 year old Paul Opel, Web Developer at Cazenovia College.  Paul will be taking out five different dates for five nights in a row beginning February 1st!

From February 1st through February 6th, (skipping Super Bowl Sunday)  Paul will meet  his date for dinner at Nestico’s Restaurant in North Syracuse.

The next morning, both he and his date will discuss how it went on the air. (finalists have to be available for dinner that week AND be able to join us by phone for a quick interview the next day at 8:35 am!)

Once we’ve met all the dates, we’ll open the voting for the MOST compatible date. That lucky lady will WIN a room to this year’s Amy’ Slumber Party!


Date Number One Cynthia:

I am a young, energetic, 58 year old with a warm heart and love for life.  Family, and friends are an important part of my life. I love good conversation, dinner and wine.  Music makes me happy and am always ready to sing along. My superpower is that I can see with sound.  I am an ultrasonographer. It’s difficult to meet people, and am not into dating sites. It would be nice to enjoy a fun evening out with you.
Take a chance on me!!

Date Number Two Jennifer:

As Lizzo famously sings “I’m feeling good as Hell” and finding myself open to the possibilities of dating. It would be great to find someone to hit the local fairs with, attend live music events, dine in or out or even go on a drive to meander through a local small town. Lets see…about me…. Some of the things I love:  the color purple, wild flowers, classic rock, scent of sandalwood, driving fast with the windows down and music blaring, SU basketball, honesty, witty humor, thunderstorms, pizza with meatballs and black olives, warm socks, sitting by the pool, caring for my family, going to the gym and of course my children and dogs. I work professionally in health care, own my home in Liverpool, drive a Jeep and value family and friends. I would love to find someone for FWP – yes that is a “P” and not a “B”- Friends with possibility. Overall, I think I have a lot to bring to the table (hopefully at Nestico’s restaurant) and would enjoy the chance to meet Paul and talk in particular about his music and other life’s passions.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Date Number Three Lori:

Hello Paul!  My name is Lori. I am 50 and live in Lafayette, NY.  I am not great at this so I was going to try a “dating profile generator” but the best it could come up with was “Loveable accountant seeks friendly man with smooth toes for Netflix, hiking and maybe more…” I am not particularly obsessed with feet so I guess I have to give it a try myself.  I am funny (crack myself up all the time), loyal, and have a new found adventurous side! I have a large family: 3 adult children and far too many grandkids to keep count (just kidding there are 5.. I think); and I absolutely love having family time. I also absolutely love my quiet time. Balance!  My life has not been easy, which I am sure is true for a lot of people, but mostly entails following the norm and the expected path of life: career, home, family, etc. However, things have changed in the last few years and for this new chapter, I have finally decided to enjoy my life my way and find what makes me happy. At the moment, that is binge watching some Netflix and A LOT of popcorn, volunteering,  and working on my house (those DIY shows are all lies btw!) but I am very open to new things! I will always try something once. In fact, I even took a hike in the fall to learn about fungus in upstate New York! It’s a whole story but not many can lay claim to such wild adventures! Actually it was a lot of fun, I made new friends, and learned some cool stuff. It is most definitely the time in my life to build experiences, go to new places and try new things.  If you are the right man for me, you’ll be friendly and charismatic. You won’t be afraid to be honest and will have a healthy respect for loyalty. You’ll be perfectly content binge watching a new show (cuddling of course) but also ready to try that new restaurant they just put in and meet new people. I can’t say I love one thing more than another. I do love to read, watch movies, and stay home, but I also love to go out, and go to concerts and events. Syracuse has so much to offer.  I like getting dressed up and wearing heels but I equally like hiking and nature. I guess my tastes are pretty eclectic and I am still exploring what I like. By the way, I love that you cook because I absolutely love eating and I’m terrible at cooking. Actually I really like cooking with others (aka helping or watching) and trying new recipes. It’s been a fun thing I have been doing lately by myself and it would be great to have someone other than my family, with their limited interest, try it with me.  I’ve been working in a public accounting firm in downtown Syracuse for about 20 years, specializing in auditing, forensic accounting and data analytics so I can completely relate to a career that allows both the analytical and creative sides to mesh.

Date Number Four Susan:

My name is Kelly and I’d like to nominate my mom, Susan, for the 5 dates in 5 days. My mom is a mother of 2, grandmother of 2. I wouldn’t normally do this, but Paul seems to have very similar interests to my mom’s. She retired from being a computer programming director at SUNY Oswego this past year (after 35 years!). She is itching to travel now. Since retiring, she is usually seeking local live music (has probably seen Paul play), walking the Erie Canal trail/ Onondaga Lake Park with her dog, or skiing. She is usually the first one to crack a witty joke, so she may be able to give Paul’s sarcasm a run for its money. Most of all, she is kind and selfless and deserves somebody to make her laugh and help her enjoy all of the adventures that await!

Date Number Five Michelle nominated by her friend Marlene:

I would like to nominate my friend, Michelle for a possible date with Paul. So….a description of Michelle…..well, she’s like family to me. When I think of all the qualities I look for in a friend, I think of someone who is caring, inspiring, loyal, supportive, honest, understanding, easy going, adventurous and hilarious. Michelle fit’s all of those amazing qualities to a t! I think Michelle would be a perfect pick for Paul. Paul’s bio says he likes music, cooking, traveling and so many other things. All of those qualities match Michelle perfectly. There are so many reasons they would be a perfect fit for each other….I could go on and on.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks so very much for the consideration!

complete rules here

Now, here’s a little about Paul…

Your age and where you live

I’m 59 and live in Baldwinsville.


What you do for a living

I’m the Web Developer for Cazenovia College, on the Communications and Marketing team. I also have a small side business helping companies and organizations with their websites & social media. I appreciate that web work allows me to tap into both the creative and analytical sides of my brain.


Your family – kids if you have them

I’m divorced with no children. From Michigan originally, I moved to the Syracuse area in 1995. My immediate family is in Detroit and Salt Lake City. I very much consider my bandmates and close friends to be family!


What are your hobbies (love talking about your band and musical talent)

I’ve been involved with music my whole life, and currently play bass and sing with both The Mike Estep Band and Master Thieves. One of the things I love about both bands is that we write and perform a number of our own songs, along with putting our own spin on tunes you may recognize. Getting up on stage and performing is still a real rush, and that connection with an audience never gets old.

Food and travel are also high on my list of pursuits. I love cooking, eating delicious food & beverages, exploring new places and tastes, and can’t wait to do more. I feel like I’ve just touched the surface and there’s so much out there yet to experience.

And I’m a big sports fan, as well. All the Michigan teams are in my blood, but I’ve been seduced by the pull of Orange hoops and football as well—it’s hard not to after 25 years!

A little more about me

I consider myself a very easy going guy with a fun, smart, sarcastic sense of humor (at least that’s what my friends tell me), so expect to enjoy yourself on a date with me (I hope?).

I completely believe in the idea of “experiences rather than possessions,” and would really enjoy having someone to share those experiences with. Concerts, dinners, plays, travel, sporting events, or nights on the town, of course, but also quiet nights at home, a walk along the Erie Canal, or margaritas on the deck.


What you’re looking for in a potential date

I’m interested in someone who’s looking to have fun, enjoys spending time with people, is willing to try new things and places, and is up for adventure, yet is equally content to stay in and binge watch TV or try out a new recipe with me—someone who can make herself comfortable in a variety of situations.


Congratulations to our winning bachelorette, voted MOST COMPATIBLE by over 1400 people, and winning a room to Amy’s Slumber Party
Date number three LORI!!!!



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