Rick Roberts


Listen to Rick’s Pick, weekdays at 6:26! Rick plays a potential hit song during your drive home!


When I’m not working one of my 10 hour days at 93Q, I’m home spending time with my family. I have two kids, a girl and a boy. Kylie is 8 and Caden is 3. Kylie love animals, arts & crafts, swimming, soccer, bike riding, and more. Caden loves Paw Patrol, Thomas The Tank Engine, basketball, soccer, bike riding, and always wants to be outdoors. My wife Katie (been married almost 10 years now!) works full time at Le Moyne College in the Registrar’s office and absolutely loves her job as much as I love mine. I can’t forget our pets! We have a beagle hound mix rescue named Abby who is the most gentle (and lazy!) dog you’ll ever meet. She also snores like a grown man. We also have a hamster named Jack. He usually watches me play video games late at night (they sleep during the day if you didn’t know). My daughter likes to wake him up at all hours during the day and he handles it like a champ. Poor Jack. We, like most families, are constantly busy with everything going on in our lives. I am a lucky man to have such a great family life.

I am an avid SYRACUSE ORANGE basketball fan, and just a big fan of basketball in general! I also do play-by-play for our sister station during high school basketball season. It’s a blast and I love traveling to all the different schools across the area. I love watching stupid videos on the Internet. Pizza is my favorite food, and I would eat it every day if my wife would let me. I also love chicken. A lot. I am one of eight brothers and sisters, and I am the third oldest. Almost all of my siblings live away from CNY, and I miss them terribly. I graduated from LIVERPOOL HIGH SCHOOL in 2000.

I have been full time on 93Q since I was a senior in high school, doing the night show from September of 1999 till June of 2006. I was then promoted to Assistant Program Director/Music Director and to the afternoon shift.

In addition to being on air Monday-Friday 3-7pm, and Saturday 1-5pm, I am also 93Q’ s Music Director, which means I am in charge of scheduling all the music you hear on 93Q!

I’m also 93Q’s Assistant Program Director, working closely with our Program Director Tom Mitchell with all aspects of 93Q. Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

Email me Rick@93Q.com or call me 421-9393! Reach out via social media as well. Look for the links!



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