Ellie Cruz

Ellie Cruz | Saturday 5 – 11 PM | Sunday 5 – 9 PM


I started off at 93Q as an intern. I loved the atmosphere and people so much that I asked if I could stay. Luckily they said yes because now I get to hang out with you on Saturdays from 5p-11p and Sunday’s from 3p-9p.

I grew up in New York City, but some way, some how, CNY reeled me in and I love it. Except the snow, I think everyone agrees that we could do without the frigid cold and snow. But I mean, as far as nature goes, Central Park has nothing on the forests in CNY. I also spent 3 years of my life in Glendale, Arizona, which just so happened to be the years where I had the perfect tan, all the time.

Other important things to know about me is that I love the color purple but I don’t usually wear it, I play Sims until odd hours of the night or into the next day, everyday I’m Tumblr-ing, Gina Rodriguez needs to be my best friend ASAP, I will always stop and stare at a clear night sky to find the Big Dipper, I love astrology (I am a Cancer — June 27th represent! No I don’t cry that often…), I can probably survive off of bananas, PB&J’s, and OJ. Additionally, my television is always tuned onto HGTV (Fixer Upper is honestly the best show ever), I’m currently watching Breaking Bad, Jane the Virgin, and Once Upon a Time on Netflix, I love kid shows or movies, or just usually animated like the show Bob’s Burgers or the movie Home. Also, I lied, I do cry often and usually sweet TV commercials that tug on the heart strings always usually get the tears rolling.

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