WIN a Smile Makeover for Teacher!


Does your child’s teacher put a smile on their face? Nominate them to win a Smile Makeover from Syracuse Straight Smiles and 93Q!

All week, we’ve revealed finalists and have chosen one to win the grand prize – one InvisAlign Treatment from Syracuse Straight Smiles valued at $5,500! The four runners up will receive a $300 Custom Whitening Tray!

CONGRATULATIONS to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Raeann Howell! Thanks for all of your entries!

Hey my name is Ella Reilly  and I would like to nominate my teacher Catherine Mackey

She’s a theology teacher at Bishop Grimes Junior Senior High School . Mrs. Mackey has been my teacher for a year now. I am currently in 8th grade and every single day she always put a smile on my face as soon as I walk into her room. Even if I’m not in a good mood she still lightens my day up because she has that positive energy that makes you happy and smile. I know I can tell her anything and she will be supportive. She loves her job and the kids and she’s really passionate about what she teaches. We all call her room the great 208 because it truly is great!

Lyndie Wood of Sandy Creek has nominated her son’s Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Tricia Santschi!

Mrs. Santschi has taken the time to make sure my son has felt safe and comfortable at school. He was terrified of riding the school bus but after a week and half, my son has asked if he could try to ride the bus again. Mrs.Santschi shows all the children in her class that she cares and has so much love and compassion for them all AS IF THEY WERE ALL HER OWN CHILDREN. I would LOVE to see all teachers get a little pampering to thank them for their hard work and dedication and the love they show our children.

Allen Road Elementary PTO would love to nominate the office administrator Robin Floyd!

Even though she is not necessarily a teacher, Allen Road Elementary PTO would love to nominate the office administrator at our school who makes 400 kids smile every day! Robin Floyd is our amazing face of the front office! She has had a couple of tough years but she has never stopped bringing the sun to everyone who she comes in contact with every day! Please consider her for your contest as she is very well deserving AND a big fan of the Ted and Amy show!

Hilary Townsend of Montezuma is nominating her son’s preschool teacher,  Ms. Rae at Cayuga Community College.

She writes: Ms. Rae is a very special teacher.  She has a lot of patience to deal with 7 2-3 year olds at one time. Ms. Rae does anything from teaching the children to potty train to learn how to use silverware and to even speak. I believe that preschool teachers create a foundation for grade school and they teach children how to learn everything. They are basically a second mother to these kids and are very much underappreciated and under paid. I would love it if you could please nominate her to get this special gift as she has given me the gift of trusting others to take care of my son and seeing how much he can improve as long as someone is willing to work with him and have patience.

Shameka Rivers of Syracuse has nominated teacher Colleen Fesinger of Grant Middle School! 

She writes: Colleen is an awesome teacher who cares deeply and shows so much love for her students. She works with special needs children in her classroom. My daughter is very lucky to have Colleen as a teacher; she is patient and understanding. You see, my daughter is autistic and can be very challenging but from the time they’ve met, Colleen rolled with it all and never gave up. She takes her time and works very well with all of her students. She even took time out of her summer vacation to stop by and see how my daughter was doing and called to check in on her as well. Colleen deserves to win this makeover because she is amazing ❤

Thanks to ALL of the great teachers here in CNY and nominate your favorite today!

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