5 Dates in 5 Days 2019!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our very popular Five Dates in Five Days is back!

This year’s eligible bachelor is Andrew, a physics teacher at a local high school!

Andrew went on five different dates for five nights in a row beginning February 2nd!

 Andrew met  his dates for dinner at Nestico’s Restaurant in North Syracuse.

The next morning, both he and his date will discussed how it went on the air.

After all five dates, listeners logged onto www.93Q.com to vote for Andrew’s most compatible date.  Congratulations to our top vote getter, Date #2 Gina!

She wins a room for four to next week’s Amy’s Slumber Party!

Bio for Andrew, this year’s eligible bachelor in Ted and Amy’s Five Dates in Five Days!

Andrew is 5’11” and 36 years old.

He has no kids or pets.

He hails from the Clay area and attended CNS High School.  After receiving his undergrad and Masters at SUNY Oswego, he has been teaching physics for the last twelve years.

Andrew enjoys running, working out (PowerPete 60 and Beardstrong Bootcamp at Edge Fitness), trying alternative workouts: Yoga, purebarre, and kickboxing.

He also enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, wineries, breweries, movies, computers, and reading when he gets the chance.  He also doesn’t mind attempting to cook new meals.

Andrew writes: “I fly with the wind when it comes to hobbies.  I enjoy everything and will attempt most things at least once.”

What is Andrew looking for in a date?

“Someone who is confident, open-minded, independent, not jealous, loves to travel, and who is willing to learn new things as well as teach me new things.  Someone who could possibly complement skills I do not already have.  An added bonus, someone who can also kill a spider–what happens if I am not there to do it?”

Hear our interview with Andrew below!

NOW let’s meet our five dates!

Contestant Number One: Sarah, nominated by her mom

I met Andrew a few years ago while working at a Wegmans employee holiday buffet at the store. We spent some time talking, learned he was from the area and was a high school science teacher and I thought what a great guy, and would love to fix him up with my daughter, Sarah. At the time, however, Sarah was living in Annapolis. Fast forward to now, I was listening to you and heard about Andrew, the physics teacher.  I clicked on your page to see the photo of Andrew and it’s him!  So, I thought maybe I should do this. Sarah has relocated back to Central New York. Our whole family lives here and we are so happy she’s back. She’s a project manager at a local hospital.  She loves to travel and has done some amazing trips over the years. She has an adorable somewhat crazy dog which she loves.  Sarah recently bought a house and I think that has been keeping her busy learning the ins and outs of home ownership.  Sarah enjoys going to plays, heading to the Finger Lakes wineries and loves to plan sister days and family parties.

Hear a recap of Date #1 below!

Contestant Number Two: Gina

I am 29 years old, 30 in June. I am a single mom working full time and school part time for my Masters in Social Work at SU. I raise my daughter on my own, take care of my dog, my house and myself!  I like to think of myself as a very independent, caring individual. I enjoy helping others, doing for others and bringing happiness to the world!  I enjoy family time, weekend trips, a glass of wine or 3, hiking, yard work, reading, game night and refinishing wood furniture.  I believe that when anyone considers talking to someone who has a child, with the potential of dating, it is important to know a bit about that family dynamic as well. My daughter is my world. She is 3 and she is super sassy.  She is incredibly smart and doesn’t forget a thing. She is so so so loving, independent, energetic, she loves her doggy, Remi, going to the park, shoes and hugs. I’m not a pushover mom. I wear the pants and make the rules!  It’s a package deal her and I, but we’re pretty low maintenance, easy to please and funny.

Hear the recap of date #2 with Gina below!

Contestant Number Three:  Hannah, nominated by her friend  and coworker Melissa

Hannah is 28 years old and works as an Admission counselor for a local College. She is extremely outgoing and very funny. She graduated from CNS and obtained her Bachelors from SUNY Oswego. (I’d say its fate already).Friends and family are extremely important to her. Ever hear the saying always a bridesmaid, never the bride? Well this seems to be a common theme in her life. She is in two weddings, and invited to seven (just this year). I think this speaks volumes to the kind of friend she is. She is loyal and always up for a good time. She enjoys dancing, drinking and laughing. Who wouldn’t want her at your wedding?  Hannah truly deserves the world, but ultimately is looking for someone to explore it with. She has always been independent, but would love nothing more than to have someone (other than herself) help open up a bottle of wine, and share it with.

Hear the recap of date #3 below!

Contestant Number Four: Katie, nominated by her coworker Laura

Katie is 35 years old and a native of Buffalo, NY, who now lives in the Syracuse area.  As such, she is an avid Buffalo Bills and SU fan.  Katie enjoys spending time with her six year old daughter and dog, as well as friends and family. She is an adventurous soul and loves concerts, running, the beach, wineries, the outdoors, and checking out new places. Katie is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo and Canisius College and is currently teaching as a reading specialist at a local elementary school.  Also, she is willing to kill spiders.

Hear the recap of date #4 below!

Contestant Number Five: Kristen, nominated by her friend Kaitlyn

Kristen is one of the funniest, outgoing and honest to a fault people you will ever meet. She lives a balanced life of knowing how to go out and have a good time and stay at home cuddled up with a glass of wine and a good book. She has many similar interests to Andrew, including her love for travel (recently traveled to California and visited Joshua Tree National Park) and working out (attends Fit Body Bootcamp almost daily and goes to Yoga as well) I have no doubt she would be able to kill a spider as she grew up with 3 older brothers and can definitely be a little bit of a tomboy herself. You should definitely consider her for a date with Andrew if he is looking for a good laugh and great conversation.

Hear the recap of our FINAL date with Kristen!

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Thanks to our date host location,  Nestico’s Restaurant in North Syracuse



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