Help Fight Breast Cancer with Genesis II and 93Q!

How long has breast cancer existed? The answer may surprise you. Women have been battling breast cancer since 1600 BC with the first known case traced back to ancient Egypt. Although it has been around for centuries it’s still unclear exactly what causes this type of cancer. Breast cancer develops when there is a change in DNA which causes normal breast cells to become cancerous. Even though it’s been proven that certain risk factors like genetics or an unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of breast cancer, pinpointing the one factor that causes normal cells to become cancerous has not yet been proven.

Fortunately, with modern technology becoming more and more advanced over the years early detection screenings and state-of-the-art treatments are available to women which greatly increases the rate of survival. Breast cancer may not be new but today women are better equipped to fight it and win the battle.

Women on the front lines of fighting breast cancer often end up experiencing hair loss. Adding hair loss to the anxiety of being diagnosed with breast cancer and facing harsh treatments is a lot for anyone to take on. At Genesis II, their caring and understanding staff have been helping women through this difficult time for over 40 years. Their high quality customizable medical wigs give women the confidence to socialize with family and friends and carry on their professional lives while maintaining as much privacy about their hair loss condition or treatments as they wish. To schedule a free consultation in their private women’s consultation room call them at 315.458.1074.

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