Syracuse Chiefs Catch of the Week!

Get to know your Syracuse Chiefs!

We’re focusing on a different player every week when they are in town and General Manager Jason Smorol joins us on the air!  We’re calling it the Catch of the Week!  Make sure to look for your favorite player during the many games this season at NBT Bank Stadium and click on their logo below to see their schedule!

Chris Dominguez #17

Position: First and Third Base and Left and Right Outfield

From: Miami, Florida

Age: 31

Got into Baseball because: Both of his parents love the sport and so they encouraged from a small boy to play

If he wasn’t playing baseball: He loves film and movies so maybe a movie critic

His favorite movie: Back to The Future

His favorite TV show: Suits with Meghan Markle!!

If he had $500,000 but had to spend it right now: He would do whatever he needed to help his family

His favorite food:  Traditional Cuban food – steak, rice and beans.  He also loves to cook and grill!

Loves Syracuse because: Of the culture and the people are really nice

His favorite animal: A Penguin

Hunter Jones #18

Position: Outfield

From: Seattle, Washington

Age: 26

Got into Baseball because: He’s been playing since TBall when he was little and his dad also played in the Big Leagues

What does he love most about being a Syracuse Chief: Hanging out with his teammates and being part of a great group of guys

What would his teammates be surprised about when it came to him: he took drama class when he was in 5th and 6th grade and LOVED IT.

What would he be doing if he wasn’t playing baseball: He would be a WWE Wrestler

Favorite Movie: Space Jam

If he could only watch one TV show on Netflix, it would be: American Ninja Warrior

If he had $500,000 in front of him but had to spend it immediately, what would he buy: a REALLY nice car and then use the rest to help his family

Favorite food: Steak and lobster and loaded mashed potatoes

Favorite place that is not on the baseball field: his Man Cave with his TV, playstation, dog and cat



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